Homeopathic Mother and Child Remedy Kit - Contains Top 10 Remedies

Our Mother & Child Remedy Kit comes presented in a Great Leatherette box with hinged lid and cardboard fitment. Designed to fit 10 x 7g Remedy Vials. This Kit contains our selected 10 popular remedies covering the homeopathic treatment of everyday conditions affecting mother and baby during pregnancy birth and beyond. 
Contains the following 7g Remedies:
  1. Arnica 200c
  2. Bellis Perennis 200c
  3. Carbo Veg 30c
  4. Chamomilla 30c
  5. Cimicifuga 200c
  6. Colocynthis 30c
  7. Gelsemium 30c
  8. Phytolacca 200c
  9. Pulsatilla 30c
  10. Sepia 30c

WE CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT: Please email us in advance if you wish to change any of the remedies in the kit when you place your order. 
  • Traditional use by Homeopaths based on Traditional use only
  • Homeopathic medicinal product without approved therapeutic indications
  • Please seek advice from a qualified homeopath for uses and treatments
  • If symptoms worsen or persist, consult a doctor. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. Always read the label.

The traditional use of the most commonly used remedies can be found here: